Why Corner Eyecare


Have you ever felt that moment when you put on a suit or a dress or some outfit that you know you look good in, that you know fits you perfectly and your lift head a little higher. You seem to lean back into the fabric and your shoulders set back a little bit. You’re ready to face the world and you are confident.

At Corner Eyecare we believe that your eyewear should give you that same feeling. That eyewear when made well, and fitted perfectly changes how you see and are seen. Only by combining the perfect frame with the best technology can we find that feeling. Only with trained individuals can we create for you the tools you need to face the world.

At Corner Eyecare we create eyewear designed for the tasks at hand. From board meetings to presentations, to hiking, driving, diving, and cycling there is a solution that will allow you to rise to the challenge and excel.

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Dr. David Sheade

Dr. David Sheade earned his Bachelor of Science in molecular cellular biology from the University of Illinois and his optometry doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry. He has over six years of experience in diverse settings and has treated an extensive array of ocular conditions and diseases. Dr. Sheade has experience managing glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, treating chronic dryness, diagnosing and managing acute infections, and fitting specialty contact lenses, including fittings for those with high astigmatism.

In his spare time, Dr. Sheade enjoys spending time with his family, playing the acoustic guitar, and cheering for his favorite sports teams, the Bears and Bulls. He also enjoys chasing after his toddler daughter.


Kevin Count

Kevin is a board-certified optician, master craftsman and custom frame maker with over 30 years in the industry. Considered an innovator in his profession, Kevin is a dedicated student of optics and the business of optometry who builds on his own tradition of academic excellence in the education of both patients and colleagues.

In February of 2018, Kevin had the opportunity to travel to Morez, France where he studied with the Les Meilleurs Ouvriers De France Lunetiers (Master Eyeglass Craftsmen of France) learning the art of hand making eyeglass frames. Since returning he has created several custom pieces for our clients. To find out more about his creations see www.counteyewear.com.

Kevin lives in Glenview, with his wife and their three dogs.